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Proposal for Update of LWVNYS Charter School Position (9/28/2017)

At the 2017 State Convention, delegates approved an update on the Charter School position adopted in 2006. The update would allow for the deletion of the following sentence. 

“In lieu of amendment of the Charter School Act to increase the total number of charters that could be granted, it supports retention of the current total (100) with amendment of the Charter School Act so that a charter could be reissued if a charter school ceased to function for any reason.”

The charter school cap is the statutory limit on the number of charter schools that can open in New York State. The 100 charter school cap has been exceeded over the years and is no longer a relevant number. The charter cap is divided by the New York City area and the non-New York City area. Currently the state cap is set at 460 with a smaller sub-cap for New York City. In New York City, 45 total charters are available to be issued in the future, and in regions outside of New York City, 102 total charters are available to be issued.

Proposal for Concurrence with a LWV of Utah’s Position on Death with Dignity

During the 2017 State Convention a proposal to consider concurrence with LWV Utah’s position on Death with Dignity was approved by convention delegates. The Board, at its July meeting, approved a Feb. 15 deadline date for return of the forms indicating your League’s approval or rejection of this update and concurrence.

Legislative Procedures Update (9/13/2016)

At the 2015 State Convention, League members agreed that it was time to update our position on whether or not we should have a full time or part time legislature and how long the terms of state legislators should be. A committee was created to compile educational materials for the local Leagues. The local Leagues will be deciding what our new position should be during the fall and winter of 2016.

Approved Jan 2016

The new position on juvenile justice is as follows:

  • Children under the age of 18 are not adults and their treatment within the juvenile   justice and criminal court system should relate to their stage of development.
  • Children should not be held in adult incarceration facilities.
  • Rehabilitation is the purpose of the juvenile justice system.
  • The legal rights of children should be protected.

Concurrence Materials

Approved April 2015

The consensus results for the Ballot Access study met the requirement of the number and geographic distribution of responses from local Leagues around the state. Of the 22 responses, two thirds must agree on a question to adopt the new position or change to the position. While 14 agreed that primaries should be open for non-affiliated voters, this does not meet the two thirds requirement. Two thirds (15) of the local Leagues did agree that fusion voting should continue in NYS whether or not Wilson Pakula is repealed.  The new position proposed is: The League of Women Voters of New York State supports the continuation of Fusion Voting in New York State whether or not Wilson-Pakula is repealed.
The Local League’s ultimately decided to revisit this issue later


Approved March 2015

There was no consensus on the study of term limits.  The responses to the issue were almost split down the middle pro and con.  A 2/3 vote was not attained, which is needed to change our current position against term limits.   National has a position on term limits; the State League will retain its current position based on the LWVUS position.

Preserving Our Democracy: Campaign Finance Reform for New York State

Program-ready materials for community forums to discuss the issue of campaign finance reform. Strong, well-enforced campaign finance regulations, along with a system of small donor matching grants, are a pathway to expanding voter participation, increasing more candidate diversity, and lessening the impact of special interests. Community forums presenting this League educational program analyzing the weaknesses of  current campaign finance regulation and  suggesting reform are being organized around the state during the next 4 months.

Increasing Voter Participation: Opportunities in New York State (12/12/2011)

Ready-made materials for presentation at an educational community forum on opportunities to increase voter participation in New York State. Voter registration modernization, early voting systems and improved ballot design, poll worker training and voter education are all discussed in the materials. See what other states have done in these areas and how they could be implemented in NYS. Finally, recommendations for short term and long term actions are offered.


Albany on the Record was a rousing success with 300 attendees hearing from Governor Paterson, Comptroller DiNapoli and the four legislative leaders who outlined their plans to fix Albany now. Click on links below to see photos from the event, power point presentations on each of the issues, introductory video on why we need reform in Albany, and a video of the entire event. Special thanks to the late Jay Gallagher, former Gannett Bureau Chief, who questioned each of the speakers and to John Kaehny of Reinvent Albany who produced the event.

LWVNY Forum on Redistricting and LWVUS 90th Birthday Party

Over 60 people from 9 local Leagues and other organizations attended the Forum on Redistricting held at the Rockefeller Institute on February 9th. Videos from the Forum are now available on the Rockefeller Institute website at www.rockinst.org/forumsandevents/. DVD copies of forum are now available upon request to the state League office - call or email to have a copy sent out to you. (Revised 4/16/10)